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Mr Dayananda Dillimuni is the consultant gemmologist and the sole proprietor of the Allied Gemmological Institute & Laboratory. He obtained his German (DGemG) and British (FGA of Gem-A) qualifications in gemmology in 1978 after his graduation from the Institute of the German Gemmological Association in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

After returning to Sri Lanka, he attended to several activities in the gem industry, including in setting up of a modern lapidary under the government FIAC programme. Stepping out of these activities, he commenced to concentrate in teaching of gemmology. First he failed to obtain a permanent working place at the State Gem Corporation but later he was called to serve as a visiting lecturer in 1984 at the same institute. When the Research and Training division of the State Gem Corporation was established as a separate body under the name of Gem & Jewellery Research & Training Institute, he served as a visiting lecturer in several sessions.

In 1989 he started a lapidary project under the name Gemstone Technical Services on partnership with the British gemmologist Richard Willmotte to produce replica sets of World Famous Diamonds out of cubic zirconia, and had to be stopped to due failure in marketing the product. In the same year he started to teach gemmology for the students who were studying for the gemmology courses of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), which continues to the present day as one of his main professional activity.

Since 1989, he also worked in the capacity of the gemmologist and technical manager in two gems trading companies for two years. In 1994 he was invited to teach gemmology as a visiting lecturer for the Certificate Course in Gemmology at the University of Moratuwa, in Sri Lanka, and continued to serve in that capacity until 2018.

When MSc Programmes in Gemmology was introduced at the Postgraduate Institute of Science in University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 1997 he was enrolled into the teaching panel and since then he continued as the visiting lecturer until 2012. He had to give up the offer by PGIS to continue with the change of the selecting scheme of the students to follow the programme by depriving even highly experienced and qualified gemmologists accredited to international gemological organizations, due lack of a degree from a university.

In 01.07.1999 he received the Allied Teaching Centre status of Gem-A -(Gemmological Association of Great Britain), and commenced direct official contract to carry out teaching activities for Foundation and Diploma courses of this organization. In 08.12.1999 Allied Gemmological Institute and Laboratory (AGIL) was established in order to carry out teaching courses in gemmology and also for gemstone testing and issuance of laboratory testing reports. AGIL is also registered as the teaching centre to conduct Foundation and Diploma Courses of Gem-A under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka with effect from 23.04.2014

He also had produced several teaching aids of his own to held the students in practical training. One important unit is the set of crystal model containing 32 pieces out of acrylic colourless plastic materials, which are useful for students to understand true crystallographic features due to transparency of the material.

Dayananda Dillimuni
Dayananda Dillimuni

FGA (UK), DGemG (Germany) Consultant Gemmologist ATC Tutor of Gem-A in Sri Lanka