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Gem Basics

Gem Identification and Valuation Course is an introductory programme in gemmology conducted at this teaching centre. It includes the basic theory and practical training in gem testing and identification. A set of handout notes will be issued. During the course of learning, information could also be collected related to international gem and jewellery trade and industry.

For whom this course is conducted

This is arranged for the beginners to obtain an elementary knowledge in gemmology and for those who intend to enter the gem trade. For those engaged in fields related gem industry or trade, such as jewellery making, lapidary, gem trade, tourism, banking etc. this course will help to obtain an overall basic knowledge in gemmology. This is a useful training course for expatriates to make use of their stay in Sri Lanka.

Further Education in Gemmology
  • This training course is also an introduction about gemstones to anyone who appreciate gemstones and specially for those who plan to commence the study in gemmology as a science to higher levels. It may be done in two steps by following the Foundation Certificate and the Diploma courses of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain ( Gem-A). These two courses are also conducted at our teaching centre under the Gem-A world-wide ATC programme.
  • Any person who can successfully complete the Diploma of Gem-A can obtain the Fellow membership of the Gem-A to become a gemmologist with FGA qualifications, recognized internationally. (www.gem-a/info).