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Gemmology Diploma course of Gem-A

Gem-A Gemmology Diploma is the most prestigious gemmological qualification in the gem and jewellery trade. You will look at a wider range of gems, synthetics and treatments, and will build upon the practical and theoretical knowledge learned during your Gemmology Foundation course, leading to a more in-depth understanding of gemmology and the principles of gem testing and enhanced gem identification skills. As a graduate of our Gemmology Diploma you will receive one year’s complimentary Membership with Gem-A, enabling you to use FGA Membership status to get a head start in your career.

Career options

Gem-A graduates can go to successful careers in a number of areas in the trade, such as buying, selling, auctioning or valuing gems, gem testing and jewellery. After receiving one year’s complimentary Membership with Gem-A, Gemmology Diploma graduates must apply for Membership of Gem-A in order to continue to use the letters FGA after their name — a sign of excellence in the trade.

Further study
  • Diamond Diploma, leading to eligibility for DGA Membership status
  • BSc in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies (requires successful completion of Gemmology Foundation, Gemmology Diploma and Diamond Diploma)
  • Graduates of the Gemmology Diploma can apply for Fellowship of Gem-A, allowing them to use the letters FGA after their name. FGA Membership status conveys a student’s knowledge, integrity, membership of a professional body and commitment to professional development, and is highly valued within the trade.

Dates and Prices
Course Dates Class Day and Time Prices
Gem-A Course AGIL Tuition
12 June 2020 To 07 January 2021 Friday - Theory : 9.00 am to 4.00 pm £. 1,937/= Local Students: Rs. 160,000/=
Thursday - Practical : 9.00 am to 12.00 noon Foreign Students: US$. 1,350/=

For more information : Gem-A Prospectus , Gem-A ATC Branding Guide

Course content:

Building on from the knowledge gained during the Gemmology Foundation, the Gemmology Diploma course covers:

  • An in-depth look at treatments and synthetic materials, including their production, use, identification and the resulting implications for the gem trade.
  • The ethical, environmental, and technological implications and applications of gemmology.
  • How to select, organize and present relevant information using professional and technical vocabulary.
  • How to interpret results from advanced gem-testing equipment.
  • Confidence in applying scientific principles and concepts in solving problems relating to gemmology, and to assess the validity, reliability and credibility of scientific information related to gemmology.
  • The ability to demonstrate a logical approach to gem testing, and the capability to acknowledge limitations and uses of certain tests.